Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted in May 2018, creating a vast ash cloud visible from space and sending lava spewing from fissures to devastate homes.
Pu‘uhonua o Puna Info & Supply Hub was set up to help individuals displaced by the May 2018 lava activities. They are 100% community driven and funded. Their goal is to provide information and supplies directly to the people.
Being spent 5 days to finish the EPICMAN 300 miles Ultra Endurance Run around Kona, Fai is strongly impressed by the mystical energy. Now with his #StrongerTogether mentality, he wants to give back and bring positivity to the world. So he teamed up with the Hawaiian local tattoo artist - Alika and created a #StrongerTogether clothing series with traditional tribal pattern.
10 USD will be donated to Pu‘uhonua o Puna for every piece item sold
(Donation Period: 1 Aug  - 31 Dec, 2018)
[Tribal Tattoo Meaning]

Former tattoo artist Alika Ho'omana (@alika_hoomana) turned around his life with sports so now with his business - Ho'omana Strength And Conditioning (@hoomanaSAC) he focuses on health and fitness, nutrition and wellness. He is recognizing as a Positive figure in the Kona community and one of the top trainers in Kona. Check out their website www.hoomanaSAC.com for more details.

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