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Cycling Skinsuits

Cycling Skinsuits

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Elite Speedsuit

  • A truly high end, technical performance garment, designed in conjunction with the Lampre-Merida Pro Cycling Team and has been extensively wind tunnel tested.
  •  Designed specifically for the elite time trialist or track rider looking for the extra couple of percent against the clock.
  • CS Dimple fabric is featured on sleeves and rear of the suit to facilitate air flow. CS Dimple fabric is an aero type fabric high in lycra content allowing maximal contact to the skin allowing low drag.
  • The rear zip feature helps reduces drag for the ultimate in aero benefits.
  • This speedsuit is ergonomically shaped to fit whilst in the tucked TT riding position.

Apex Speedsuit

  • Made from a special wind tunnel-tested dimple fabric developed by the Swiss company Eschler, the CS Speed Suit is a must for any serious time trial or track rider.

Apex Summer Race Suit

  • The ultimate in one-piece race suit technology -  Heat-sealed no-collar design. The front of the top, sleeves and side panels/leg bands are all made from our CS TechMesh, a lycra-mesh fabric with millions of tiny air holes to keep you cool.  Two rear pockets to carry bottles and energy food.

Performance Race Suit

  • With same features as Apex Summer Race Suit except this suit is totally constructed from CS Contour Lycra.