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Why is our Euro cap better than a traditional cotton cap?
The sublimation process requires a polyester-based fabric, and that’s why our cap is not cotton. 
As with all our garments, we tried to be as innovative as possible with our Euro cap. 
We looked at a traditional cap and said, “How can we make this better?” 
The first thing was to change the fabric. 

We searched far and wide to find a polyester material that had the look and feel of cotton. Cotton caps require the artwork to be screened and not sublimated. 
The problem with screen printing is that you can’t use intricate designs like fades and tone-on-tone printing. 

Another problem with screened logos is that, like T-shirts, the logos will eventually crack, peel and fade over time. 
If you’ve ever washed a cotton cycling cap, you know exactly what we're talking about. Our caps, just like our jerseys, can be washed over and over again and they’ll look like new each time.


  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Fully sublimated and not screen-printed like traditional cycling caps
  • Classic four-panel "Euro-style" design
  • Minimums